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18th Birthday Personalised Banners


There's nothing quite like a personalised banner for a birthday party. It just turns the ordinary into something special and can there ever be a better occasion to make sure that the right decorations are in place than on an 18th birthday? The coming of age banner is the one that anyone will remember and probably want to keep.

For your personalised 18th birthday banner you can choose everything about it. The words  you choose can be almost anything - just remember that we have to fit them on to a banner that is just one metre long. We'll get them all in but the more you want the smaller they will be. You can choose the colour of the backgraound ribbon that we use to print on, and the colour of the print itself. You can choose the style or font of the text and you can choose almost any image you can think off as long as we can print in in monochrome - in other words photographs and multi-coloured images are beyond us for these banners. Nevertheless, you can have whatever you want within these relatively tiny limitations.

We have provided 18th birthday personalised banners for lots of different reasons. Some like to have loads of them everywhere to really make a big noise and others want just one to give as a present with a special message. It's a lovely way of making a change from a bitrthday card - something that will be remembered, and usually kept.

Have a great time on your eighteenth birthday with decorations from So Raise Your Glasses

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