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Christmas Stockings


Fun and fabulous - our Christmas stockings are made from the finest materials and form an integral part of the Christmas decorations and the creation of that magical atmosphere on Xmas Eve. We supply a range of beautifully made Christmas Stockings in wonderful fabrics suitable for both children and adults. Don't forget to hang up your Xmas stocking on Christmas Eve and look forward to lots of little gifts.

Every child that has Christmas as a tradition in their family knows that a Christmas Stocking is an essential part of the Christmas Eve routine. They are there for Father Christmas to fill as he completes his magical journey through the night and manages to visit the homes of every child the World over who believes in him. His purpose is to leave a very special gift in each child's Christmas Stocking so that there is a gift there for them when they awake in the morning (very early in some cases!). Of course, most of us as children, and most children today, cannot contain their excitement as the big day approaches and the final act before going to a very sleepless bed is to be to hang up the Stocking ready for the big event.

Traditionally, they are hung either over the fireplace, or on the end of the bed. Santa has to work his magic that much more effectively for those children whose Xmas Stockings are left on the end of their beds as he has to make sure that they are asleep before he enters their room to leave his precious gifts.

These days, socks, pillowcases, special bags and sacks are put up in the hope that they will be filled to the brim, but we know Santa prefers a modest size, as quality, he tells us, is much more important than quantity!

Origins of the tradition

There is no certainty about the origin of the tradition, but the most commonly held view concerns the story of a kind nobleman who lost all his fortune after being drawn into a number of dubious ventures after his wife died. This left his three daughters with no dowry, and the family were now poor. It was the girls' habit to hang their washing over the fireplace to dry during the winter and one night St. Nicholas, who was very kind, and hearing of the family's plight, dropped three bags of gold coins down the chimney in order to provide for the three girls. These, through some strange chance, fell into three of the girls' drying stockings, and so the tradition was born.

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