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25th Silver Anniversary Guest Books & Albums


25th Silver wedding Anniversary Guest Books and photo albums keep the memories of these wonderful times alive for years. The messages that friends and family write are a gift in themselves, so a guest book is a thoughtful present for a 25th anniversary.
Our range includes some delightful designs, and they are all of the highest quality. You’ll love the way they are bound and the beautiful pages inside on which to write, all perfectly separated with trace paper.
It's a rare opportunity to capture the memories of the day in one place and keep them close to you for the years to come. They can also be a wonderful surprise gift. With either a guest book or a photo album, a little thought and trouble before the event can ensure that you have a wonderful surprise and a marvellous gift ready for the day. You could get everyone who is coming to write their thoughts of love and friendship in advance and either send them to you by email or by post to add to the guest book,, or perhaps create a montage of the 25 years of the happy couple's lives together captured in photographs for an album they will treasure forever. It's a little trouble and takes a little time, and needs the co-operation of close family, particularly if photographs are involved, but the pleasure such a thoughtful gift can bring is incredible.