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Usher Gifts


Your Ushers play a very important role on your Wedding Day - they have to make sure all the guests are looked after, know where they are expected to be, and know when they are needed. It's only right to find a present to say thank you to them. They do the organising so that you can be free to socialise and entertain your guests. Make sure that you let them have a little gift with which to remember your special day, whether it's something to wear, like socks or cufflinks, personalised champagne or a tankard.
On the day of your wedding your Ushers are the organisers, the crowd control, the car parking attendants, the givers of directions and the people you turn to whenever you want something done. The Ushers can help you throughout the day and into the evening and even make sure that things happen after you've gone, like returning the hire suits, or making sure that Grandad gets his train home. Don't underestimate the usefulness of these trusty helpers, and make sure that you use them to ensure that the whole of your day goes smoothly. They can make the difference between a smooth day and a bit of a minefield, so think about all the tasks that need to be carried out on the day well before you get there, and assign tasks to your ushers so that they know what to do, and you know that you are going to have a calm and pleasant day.

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