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Ring Pillows


A Wedding Ring pillow is a wonderful way to present the rings on your wedding day so that all can see these vital symbols of your love and devotion to one another. It also provides the opportunity for a younger child, often a page boy, to be deeply involved in the ceremony and to take some responsibility. The best man will still take responsibility for ensuring that the rings arrive safe and sound at the right place on the big day, but he or she will then tie the rings to the ring bearer pillow, or lay them carefully on top for the ring bearer to bring them up the aisle to meet the wedding couple at the right time.
It can add a touch of something very special to your wedding ceremony, and it can make a day which a small child could find quite a trial, something they will remember for life.
Our range of wedding ring pillows are beautiful, all in either white or ivory, and with a number of different types of decoration. Some with messages specific to your wedding day, and some with fabulous diamante decorations. Most have ribbons attached so that you can tie the rings on to the pillow if you would like to for safety's sake! For the few that don't have a ribbon attached the simplest way to ensure that the rings are still there at the vital moment is to sew a single thread through the material of the cushion, and tie it through the rings. When the time comes, the thread can be easily broken to release the rings and then taken out of the pillow to leave it unmarked.
There are few cuter sights than watching a small child, full of concentration and importance, walking up the aisle with the ring cushion, desperately trying to make sure he or she gets to the bride and groom without any mishaps.
Have a look at our Wedding Ring Pillow Guide for advice and tips on their use.