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Wedding Childrens Favours


There is no group of your guests that will warm to the idea of wedding favours as much as children do. They love any gift, and no matter how big or how small, you can be sure that they will react well to them. In order to accommodate their needs at a wedding, and particularly in order to keep them amused, it is worth going a little bit further with the children than you would with the adults. Of course, we have favour boxes which are designed for the children, and which will appeal much more than a carefully decorated trinket box. It is, after, all, the sweets inside that they will really want to get their hands on,
You can go the extra mile with the children, however, and make the day that much better for them and for you. No-one can expect children to be quiet all the time, and they are bound to get bored through a lot of speeches that will mean very little to them. It's always hard enough to get a group of children to sit still and quietly through a meal, but it is reasonable to expect behaviour at a wedding, but that said, the time that follows the meal and the speeches really is likely to be a bit too much for them. If you have the blessing of good weather and a venue that has excellent outdoor space, then the freedom to run and play is far and away the best solution, but this is rare, and much more frequently you need to provide a few things that will hold their interest.
For the younger ones, colouring books, sticker books and puzzles will work very well indeed, and it's worth ensuring that they have extra space on their table for these, or that there is floor space around them so that they can drop down and amuse themselves. For the older children, games that they can play between themselves are one of the best solutions, and so drop in a simple board game for all to share, or some trivia questions that they can ask each other. It really helps to keep the peace and helps you to enjoy your day to the full!

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