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Wedding Cameras


Disposable Wedding cameras in a range of colours and designs.
Single use cameras provide a very different perspective at a wedding, and will let you have images of your wedding that no professional photographer can ever provide, and even some that would never be taken by friends and family with their own cameras. They are available in several colours including neutral colours like white and silver and so it is usually very easy for them to fit into your colour scheme. They provide an additional table decoration for when everyone enters the dining room, and they provide a little fun and entertainment for your guests. Most importantly, as long as you ask people to use them freely, they will take shots that might otherwise be missed, and whilst you will undoubtedly have to throw a few of the poorer shots away, you'll finish the day with a set of memories that will stay with you forever.
You can guide your guests as to how you would like them to use the cameras, and this can help you to get a greater proportion of shots that you will want to keep and be able to use in albums. The best form of guidance will come in the form of a little note attached to the camera, or as an announcement (but be careful with announcements, as it's a social gathering, and there will always be a number of people who either don't hear, or simply don't listen). The guidance they need is to take informal shots whenever they want to through the day, but particularly to take shots that are unusual, interesting or amusing, and avoid using the cameras at the times when many pictures are taken by everyone anyway, like the speeches and the cutting of the cake. You'll undoubtedly get better photos of these times from your own photographer or from your friends using their own cameras. It's the shots that no-one would normally think to take that you are really after!

Please don't forget that people need to follow the instructions on the cameras carefully and that, unlike digital cameras, you can't see what pictures have been taken before the film is developed. Talk to the processing lab beforehand to see if they can help you select the best images for printing.

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