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Flooding in Somerset

NOV 23 2012
Flooding in Somerset

I felt it appropriate to post an update on the floods in our area and to reassure you that orders are still being despatched. As many of you are aware our offices are located on the Somerset Levels. We are based on a ridge between the villages of North Curry and Stoke St Gregory which are about 9 miles from Taunton.
This Wednesday a seemingly ordinary morning changed when we found the route between our home at North Curry and the office one mile away was completely impassable as it was flooded by water over two feet deep. The fire brigade were there and we were advised to turn around. On turning around we discovered that the entire centre of our beautiful village was under water with the local shop suffering severe flooding in their store. We drove many miles through lanes trying to find a way through but all were flooded with deep water. We returned home, diverted the phones and crossed our fingers that the rain would stop. It did for a day.
Yesterday we had further heavy rain and one of the two major routes off of the levels to A roads was severely flooded and closed. we used another route to get to the office and thankfully the water had subsided in some areas enough to get through - a round trip of some 50 miles to reach our office 1 mile away! During the afternoon the council started digging a drainage ditch on the road between our home and the office and the water drained away - woohoo. We are now confident that we can maintain deliveries to our customers as there is a route to the motorway which is not at flood risk and the drainage ditch now in place should do its job. Phew! 

All services including Express deliveries are maintained with no expected delays.

We suffered just 24 hours of disruption and after a monumental effort yesterday including one member of staff walking for an hour across fields and through floods all Christmas, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary (etc.!) decorations and gifts were despatched. We anticipate no further issues.

I would like to thank everyone publicly for the huge effort which has gone into getting everything back on track so quickly and we pray the the rain forecast this weekend does not cause too much havoc.


Posted by: So Raise Your Glasses