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How to Involve Your Children in Your Wedding Day

APR 19 2013
How to Involve Your Children in Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a celebration spent with all your nearest and dearest; but when you have children, it’s not just the two of you walking down the aisle. When you get caught up in the planning of your big day though, it can be easy to forget that your children will want to be involved too. After all, they’re used to being the centre of attention and will relish being a part of the day. It’s easier than you might think to involve your children in your wedding day; whatever age they may be. Here, are four suggestions for ways your kids can leave their stamp on your big day and make your special day all the more magical:

1. Let them help with wedding plans

From the moment you start planning your big day, you should encourage your little ones to get actively involved.

When you go dress shopping, take your little girl with you and ask her which dresses she likes. Try on some of her favourites, and ask her opinions on all the others. You should also let her pick out dresses that she’d like to wear. You might be surprised at what she picks.

The same goes for little boys. Ask your fiancé to take them along to suit fittings, and dress them up. Children will love getting involved, and will really look forward to wearing their new garments if they’ve had a hand in picking them.

You should also take your children along to food tasting, potential venues and more. They’ll really appreciate being included, and will be keen to show off their picks on the big day.

2. Get creative with your favours

Wedding favours are becoming more common and they make a wonderful finishing touch to any wedding. As well as buying your favours, you could also use your creative kids to help you make one-off gifts your guests will love?

For instance, your children could draw pictures for the best man and maid of honour. This will make a really sweet keepsake, and helps your children feel involved.

If you’re thinking of baking edible favours, do so as a family. Bake the biscuits or cookies and decorate them together using coloured icing and frosting. The possibilities are endless with the goodies you can create, and this is a great way to spend some quality time together during the stress of wedding planning.

3. Give them a job

While you’re busy dressing tables for the reception, use this as an opportunity to involve your children. Give them a job, and let them dress the kid’s table. Explain the responsibility of the job, and watch them work wonders.

Ask them to help you choose tablecloths and centrepieces, and ask for their input in the children’s favours. Again, your little ones might surprise you with their ideas.

Another job could be helping you choose the children’s menu, the deserts, or the treat table. Any parent will tell you how hard it is to get children to eat posh meals, so this is a great way to design a menu you know will be eaten.

4. Make them feel important on the day

On the day itself, you should make sure your children have an important role. It can be easy to get swept up in everything else, and for your little ones to feel a little left out. By making them the centre of attention for a while, they can be truly involved.

Here are some of our favourite ways you can do this:

  •  Have them make a speech –Wedding speeches can be boring, and children are likely to get restless. If they’re old enough, they could make their own mini speech, or help the best man make his speech. This is a huge cute factor, and is a really easy way to involve your kids.
  • Have them join the first dance – The first dance is all about you and your new husband, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t have their moment. Call them up half way through and dance together. You could even have a special song that is there’s and dance together. As well as involving your kids, this is a sure-fire way to fill the dance floor.

Involving your children in your wedding day is simple, and a one of the easiest ways to add some real magic and personality to proceedings. After all; a wedding is about uniting and becoming a family. Your kids are a huge part of that, and you should highlight this in as many ways as possible.

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