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70th Birthday Cake Decorations and Candles


Your 70th birthday cake is the centrepiece of your celebrations and so the decorations for the cake have to be perfect. There are so many to choose from the real problem is deciding what to leave off the list. You can go very traditional of course and just put 70 candles on the top, but there are two problems with this: first, you've completely covered the cake (unless you are having a supersized one) and then there's so many different colours and styles of candles that you are still spoilt for choice. Alternatively you can be more subtle and go for a lovely number 70 and a slightly more reasonable number of candles, and perhaps decorate the top with edible stars to signify you being such a star! If you want to finish it off properly though, the best way is to add a personalised ribbon to go round the cake and make sure that your cake is truly unique