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Christmas Room Decorations

  Christmas Room Decorations

Mantle Runners.  Christmas Stockings.  Childrens Christmas Decorations.  Wreaths

Our Christmas Mantle Runners are superb quality linen runners that fit beautifully on to the mantelpiece and give the whole room the feel of Christmas as a focus for the decorations. Use our Xmas garlands in the same area or hung on the wall above the mantelpiece as a swag  and make your rooms beautiful this festive season.

You can create the perfect Christmas scene when you bring together the beauty of your mantelpice decorations with the most delightful fabric Christmas stockings hung in the same place just waiting for Santa's visit. Just imagine the warmth of the fire on Christmas eve, with the room lit by the cosy glory of candlelight and your mantelpice bathed in the flickering light of the fire and the candles, beautifully decorated with your sumptuous Christmas Mantle Runner. The children's beautiful Christmas stockings are hanging there on the mantelpiece, waiting to be filled, and you can sit back and relax, glass in hand, knowing that there is no more that you can do to prepare anything until tomorrow. The Christmas wreath is on the door waiting to greet tomorrow's guests and all you now need to do is enjoy the remainder of this most magical of evenings.

We know that the reality is often not quite as restful and simple as this sounds, but you can really create the atmosphere with our lovely Christmas Stockings and the very best of mantelpiece decorations in the shape of the fabric mantle runners that come from the Peggy Wilkins stable in Nottingham.