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Balloon Weights


We have a lovely range of Qualatex brand balloon weights in lots of different colours and shapes.

Balloon weights are essential for holding your helium filled balloons on a table or the floor. We stock balloon weights in various shapes including stars, gift boxes, hearts and the traditional tassel weights.
We recommend colour coordinating your weight with the rest of your party decor and then using balloon ribbon which matches your balloon colours and cutting the ribbon long enough so that you can tie it on to the weights and curl the ends creating a pretty look for your table.
There are a variety of alternate ways to provide a weight for holding your helium filled balloons from floating away. Stones, surprisingly enough, are the simplest form of weight. It doesn't take much to hold a balloon down, because the uplift from evern several balloons is very little. You'd actually need about 4000 balloons to lift a man of average weight, so a relatively small stone will easily hold three balloons. Of course, for presentation purposes, you would want to wrap the stone, and foil often makes the best wrapping. You then need a way of ensuring that the ribbon stays attached to the stone. This gets more difficult as you may need to tie it in a way such that it won't slip, or you may need to glue it, and in order to ensure that presentation looks good over a series of tables, you wan tsimilarly sized and possible simlarly shaped stones. You could, of course, put the stone inside a box and attach the ribbon to the box, and this works, but you are then almost back to the gift box balloon weights that you can obtain from us!!

Hot tip: tie your balloon ribbon onto the balloon weights before you fill the balloons with helium. This makes it much easier to control the balloons.