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Paper Coasters


Fabulous embossed paper party coasters in gold, silver and white to make your party table look special. They are ideal for use on the table or dot them around a room if you are having a drinks party - it will be obvious to most of your guests that you would prefer that they place their glass where these appear.
The perfect way to protect the surfaces of your furniture, and eliminate any embarrassment. There are a lot of people who would worry about putting glasses down just anywhere, as they feel protective towards their own furniture and so they feel the same about that belonging to their friends as well. These gorgeous coasters make life easy for your guests as well as for yourself! They are made from a fine embossed paper, a surface that will not easily stick to the glass (a particularly annoying feature of many coasters) as the raised part of the embossing creates an area around which air can get underneath the glass and so avoid the ahesion that is common with flat surfaces once there is moisture on the bottom of the glass. They have a slightly shiny look, which adds to the feeling of quality, and as they are made in metallic colours this enhances the look that you create by using them.