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25th Silver Anniversary Place Cards


In order to make your dinner a special occasion, it's lovely to give all your guests a place card. It saves deciding who sits where when all the guests arrive, and adds a little bit of formality and importance to the occasion. We have some lovely place cards with a subtle 25th motif in silver that are ideal for your event, but there are also a choice of wonderful cards in metallic, embossed and coloured silver borders all of which are equally appropriate. What really matters when getting your place cards together is the way in which the names of your guests are written or printed on the cards. They can be produced with elaborate script if you have the skill and the patience, but they can be equally beautiful if you simply write guests' first names on the cards in a neat flowing handwriting. What mateers most is that you try to keep the lettering all the same size throughout. As long as they look as though they have all been produced to the same standard, then they will be a credit to you on the night.
Some people like to add the event and the date in tiny writing at the bottom of the place card, as this can then be taken away by your guests as a little momento of the evening.
It is possible to obtain place cards that are supplied in an A4 sheet that will go through the printer, and this can allow you to print your guests names perfectly and then separate the place cards afterwards. The one piece of advice here it to try the print on a piece of paper the same size first and overlay it on the place cards so that you can see that you are going to get the print exactly where you want it.