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25th Silver Anniversary Table Confetti


Table confetti makes a real statement on the tables of your 25th Anniversary. It has a long standing appeal with most people because it adds a little sparkle to the table. If you decorate the table carefully you don't need masses of the confetti itself but it just lifts the table and provides something special for that important day. We supply silver confetti in several forms. Simple silver 25s are probably the most popular, but we also have packs that contain text saying Happy Anniversary as well as some 25s and a mix of tiny silver hearts. For those that want the shape and colour to mark the occasion, silver hearts or champagne glasses, or stars might fit the bill, and then if you are looking for something more substantial, you could try our silver petals. You can get away with scattering these quite sparsely, as they are larger and have more impact, but as a result they go a very long way. Another popular alternative is the use of table crystals, that bring a sparkle to the occasion as they look a little like jewels spread across the tablecloth.
The use of confetti for this type of event is extremely popular, but you can change the impact of it quite significantly by the density that you use, keeping it very subtle and in the background, or making a bold statement. Either way, if you are in a restaurant or a hotel, you should check with them first that they are happy that you use it. Very few will object, after all, you are the customer, but it's best not to risk a scene and potentially put a damper on your big occasion, so always ask first!