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30th Pearl Anniversary Party Decorations


Plan your Pearl Wedding anniversary with confidence. Find loads of top quality party decorations, personalised banners, and party poppers with your Pearl anniversary in mind. Thirty years together – wow! A 30th Wedding Anniversary is very special, so make sure that the party decorations are really perfect.
The hardest thing to get right when decorating for a Pearl anniversary party is the colours. Pearl is traditionally white, and whilst you can go a long way with white as a background colour, there usually needs to be something more to add to it to give it an extra something. Most people choose silver to do this, and many of the decorations that are produced for this occasion have silver in them. It sets off well against white and as long as you don't overdo it, it doesn't end up looking like a silver party. We recommend using our metallic silver for printing banners for your pearl anniversary, and these work really well on both a white background or an ivory, which is the other colour of choice that is appropriate for your event. Ivory, as long as it is an off white, rather than a cream, sits very comfortably as pearls inevitably tens to be a little off white themselves. Of course, the colours you choose to use are up to you, and you can break with tradition completely and just go with any colours that suit you, but whichever way you decide to go, we are sure that we can help you to make your party the most memorable occasion.