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40th Ruby Anniversary Party Balloons


40th Wedding Anniversary party balloons really give a new meaning to the term painting the town red, although in this case it's the venue for your party that's getting the treatment.  With both quality latex and the longer lasting foil balloons to choose from in designs specific to a Ruby Wedding Anniversary you just can’t go wrong, but don't go overboard with the specially designed balloons - make sure you get a contrast into the mix with some gold or silver balloons. They soften the displays and make them that much more attractive than a sea of red.
Foil 40th wedding anniversary balloons are best helium filled, and will float for a long time, several days in many cases, and our balloon guides will inform you where to find helium and show you how to use it. Latex balloons are suitable for filling with either helium or air. You'll find all the accessories you need for creating your displays here as well, like curling ribbon in every colour, balloon weights for holding down those filled with helium, and pumps for inflating with air.