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50th Golden Anniversary Guest Books


Perhaps one of the best gifts you can give at a 50th wedding anniversary is a guest book. This is so much more than a record of who attended this special occasion. It's an opportunity for everyone there to write something about the happy couple that makes them special, and provides a memory of a wonderful event that will never be forgotten. 
It is fair to say that to make this gift something really special requires a little bit of effort and preparation, but it's worth it. Of course, you can just bring the golden anniversary guest book along and leave it on the side and hope that people will contribute to it, but experience shows that if you get half the guests to even sign it you would be doing well. There are two ways to get the best result. One is to contact everyone who you know is going to be there and tell them that you are creating a special memory book for the couple for their big day, and it will be available on the day for the guests to write in. Tell them that you want to make it really special for the golden couple, and so ask them to think of something that makes the couple special to them, some incident in the past that brings a smile to their face, or some act of kindness that the couple have performed for them over the years, and be prepared to write a few words about it. The second is to do exactly the same but ask them to write down what they want to say well in advance of the event itself, and collect them all together so that you can enter these people's thoughts before the big event and have it ready to present to the two celebrators on the day of their anniversary. Truly, a gift of a lifetime!

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