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50th Golden Anniversary Foil Balloons


For a Golden Wedding anniversary, or for any major event, the beauty of foil balloons is that they last much longer (up to 3 days) than their latex counterparts, and they are much more difficult to burst. As a result, you can prepare the displays well in advance (even on the day before the event) and so if you have a lot of preparation to do on the day, this is one job that can be done before the real panic sets in!
The other advantage is that they are available in a number of different shapes, including hearst which we find are very popular for a 50th anniversary celebration. They are also larger than the latex equivalent, and so the ideal display really doesn't want more than two foil balloons. The alternative, of course, is to make the foil balloon the centrepiece of the display and use two latex balloons top and bottom as a contrast, but two foils together do look very good indeed. These can be two gold balloons for this wonderful occasion, maybe one heart shaped with a 50th anniversary motif on it, and maybe one round balloon to set it off, or possibly even a star shaped balloon. You can contrast the colours of the balloons as well, but when it's just two together this seems less important than when you are using more than two together.
The lift that you get from a foil balloon is minute, and so almost any weight will comfortably hold the balloons down, although the purpose built weights that we supply are available in metallic gold and look great in their own right on the table. One last tip - if, for any reason, your balloons have been around for a while and start to look a bit limp, they have a self sealing valve where the helium is pumped in, and it is very easy to just add a puff of helium and make the balloons look like new again.