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60th Diamond Anniversary Favours


Giving little gifts to your family and friends when you celebrate your 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary is a lovely idea, but as there can be rather a lot of them, favours is definitely the answer. They can be made up very simply with the minimum of fuss, but they make a welcome present for everyone. 
There are all sorts of ways to make up favours and the favourite way is to use a small organza bag or a little box. The organza bags provide the easiest answer as they are drawstring and so all you have to do is open them, drop whatever little gift you have chosen for your guest, pull the drawstring and there you are - favour ready! The bags are ideal to hold sweets or chocolates but any number of other small gifts will fit inside. In order to maintain the diamond wedding theme the most likely colour choices for this event will be silver or lilac, but of course the choice is entirely up to you.
Favour boxes give you more opportunity for variety, as they are available in many different sizes, shapes and colours, and they can be decorated with ribbon, diamantes, hearts and even little numbers to signify the wonderful occasion. Although favour boxes almost always arrive flat packed (they would take up a great deal of room to send out made up) they are very simple to make, usually involving just a couple of simple folds and sometimes the need to hold the top together with ribbon. The way that you choose to decorate them is a matter of taste, but we hope that our craft and accessories ideas will help you to come up with something that is right for you.