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60th Diamond Anniversary Foil Balloons


Foil balloons for a diamond wedding anniversary make wonderful decorations because of their size and shape as well as their long lasting features. Naturally, for such an occasion, the shape chosen for these balloons is hearts. We can provide two quite different designs, both of which are really lovely, and one of which matches the banners that we also have available for a 60th anniversary. As with most decorations for this very special occasion, the colours used for these balloons are lilac and silver, and the great feature of foil balloons is that they can be inflated with helium the day before the event and you can always have confidence that they will still look as good, and still float just as well the following day when they are needed. Added to this, should they start to sag at all, they are cleverley fitted with a self sealing valve which means that if any gas has escaped you can always add another puff to bring them back to pristine condition, and ensure that your decorations look the part when they are most needed.
Foil balloons are usually 18 inches in diameter, significantly bigger than standard latex balloons, and so you need rather less of them to make very effective displays. We usually find that if you are using them on tables, two balloons is plenty, and if you are creating floor displays a maximum of three is quite adequate.