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60th Diamond Anniversary Place Cards


The use of place cards for a Diamond Wedding anniversary is only really essential when a lot of people are attending and you don't want a free for all when everyone sits down. Having said that, they can be a lovely addition to the table and add an air of formality for what is, after all, a very special occasion indeed.
Whilst the process of writing place cards can be a bit of a trial, there are a number of ways in which computers and printers can help, and quite frequently there will be someone amongst your family and friends who really enjoys the challenge and will relish the task, and probably do a much better job of it than maybe you could yourself.
With the right writing, and the right titles for your guests, place cards can be fun as well as practical, as you may have nicknames for some of your friends or family and using these would make them smile on the day.
We have one place card that was made specifically for this occasion, with a metallic silver 60th motif to denote the special occasion, but we also have a large number of options for place cards that you might choose to use. These range from the simple traditional cards that fold over and where you write the guest's name on one side, through to those that you can attach to a wine of champagne glass and come in the shape of a butterfly in various colours.
Place cards can, therefore, be a table decoration as much as they are a way of ensuring that everyone is seated in the right place. Whatever your choice, have some fun with them, and a great time at your party.