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Wedding Pull Bows


There are a great many uses for lovely ribbon pull bows at a wedding. As a decoration for the car, or for the church or for the chairs at the reception they are frequently used, and they are very pretty decorations almost anywhere around the venue, as well as being a great complimentary decoration for bunches of flowers. Our pull bows are the easiest bows to make and the most professional looking you'll find. They come to you looking like a piece of flat 2 inch ribbon, and in a matter of seconds they are a wonderful bow. All you have to do is to find the loose thin ribbons at one end of the large ribbon, and pull these away from the main piece. As the main ribbon concertinas it forms a lovely bow and you are left with the long thin strands of ribbon which you can use to tie your bow to whatever you want it to be attached to. In addition, these longer strands can be cut and curled to provide the perfect finishing touch to any decoration. They are available in all the colours that you are likely to want for your wedding. Make the process of decorating easy with perfect pull bows.

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