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Wedding Favour Boxes


The wedding favour boxes which are popular are perhaps the very best form or packaging for a favour as they probably most closely resemble the original favours given by those wealthy Mediterraneans all those centuries ago when the tradition was first established. At that time favours were offered in elaborately decorated trinket boxes, often jewel encrusted, as a sign of the wealth of the family acting as hosts. Although today's favour boxes are a little less ornate, the opportunity that you have to decorate them in all sorts of ways means that your boxes at least mimic those early days of the tradition.
Favour boxes are available in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and the choice runs from simple square lidded gift boxes through to cones, heart shapes, flowers, pillows and even handbags. The majority of these are found in either white or ivory, often with delicate designs woven into the surface of the material, in order to give it that extra special feel. The predominance of these two base colours results from the incredible variety of decorations and ribbons that exist with which to adorn the boxes once they are made up. All of the boxes we offer are supplied to you flat packed but they are very simple to construct. There is no requirement for ties or the use of glue - in most cases they just need a couple of folds and perhaps the insertion of a flap and they are ready for use.
In order to decorate them many people choose a simple option of a cross ribbon that is them tied in a bow. This is quick and when you have between 50 and 100 boxes to make up, the simple option is frequently the best. It is always possible to add a little extra decoration in the form of a self adhesive bow, diamante or heart. These take seconds to fix in place and can be very effective to the final result when all the boxes are laid out on tables.