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Wedding Balloons


Fantastic wedding balloons to decorate your reception venue. Our range includes printed wedding balloons, plain colours, weights and ribbon.

Available in a myriad of colours and styles, our latex balloons are designed to float for up to 15 hours when filled with helium, although they will stay inflated for many days if they are filled with air. Foil balloons, on the other hand, will stay inflated for days even when filled with helium, as they are much less porous and so the helium is held inside much longer. We have all the balloon accessories you need as well, including lovely curling ribbon, balloon weights and pumps for filling with air.
If you need a little help and advice when it comes to balloon decorations, how to fill and tie balloons and the best types of displays to create for your wedding, take a look at our guide to balloon display. This will help in the basics of making decorations for your tabletops and for floors, but it will also give you some ideas of what sorts of combinations work well, and what colours you might choose to put together.
The easiest way to lift a large hall on your wedding day is with beautiful party balloons. Select the colours to match your theme and almost all the decorations you need is created in one simple balloon decoration for each table
We have top quality latex and foil balloons for your wedding together with all the ribbon and weights you could need and we can easily point you in the right direction to get helium gas for inflating them