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Wedding Banquet Rolls


Banquet rolls are a perfect solution for covering your wedding tables. They will cover the majority of tables in a very economic way and as they are 5 metres (16 feet)  long by 1.2 metres (4 feet)  wide each one will usually cover more than one table. In beautiful gold and silver, as well as a pretty white patterned roll, these brilliant banquet rolls can form a very effective base for your wedding tables.
Although they are banquet rolls, and therefore by design they are made of paper, they are also laminated, so they have a very fine plastic covering on nthe top which means that most spillages (there will almost always be a few at any event) can be cleared up without having any noticable detrimental affect on the material itself. 
This is probably the most economical way available to cover your tables with a quality material that will not let you down. It has the great advantage that, should you be taking your event on from the afternoon into the evening, with new guests arriving to join the festivities later on, you can always replace any covers that have been through a really bad time at the reception, rather than leaving stained line tablecloths or damaged individual tablecovers in place, and so with very little additional expense, you can refresh your venue for the evening!


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