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Wedding Fabric Table Runners


We have included a range of fabric rolls in a selection of colours here as they make perfect colour coordinated table runners. Made from stunning organza and lace they provide a swathe of colour right down the length of the table and are very economic. If the colour that is produced is a little too pale, you can always double up and have two layers of fabric per table to intensify the effect. Just cut to size and place on the table.
Our rolls of organza come in a wide range of colours and the plain variety all measure a generous 25 metres (82 feet) long, so they are a very reasonable way of adding the colour that you want to your reception tables. The decorated rolls are 10 metres (32 feet) long and so they will still provide cover to a significant number of your tables. Of course organza isn't suitable only as a table covering. It can be used for all manner of decorations, and for making bows, drapes and frills to place around attractions such as the wedding cake table.