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Wedding Paper Tablecloths


Our beautiful paper tablecloths are excellent for weddings. Unlike some paper tablecovers our Caspari and Duni ranges are linen feel tablecloths and whilst they have the ease of a disposable table cover they have the strength of a much more expensive tablecloth. They cover your wedding tables with a sumptuous material and once again, unlike so many paper table covers, if there are any spills of water of wine, they won't disintegrate and leave the table looking dreadful. They can just be wiped over quickly and retain the best of their looks.
All of our tablecovers are supplied in a rectangular shape. These will cover both oblong and circular tables (circular tablecloths are much more difficult to find in paper as the manufacturers cut the tablecloths from large sheets of paper when they are producing them, and they hate the waste that is produced from circles, whereas oblong cuts produce almost no waste at all). The rectangles are designed to be able to cover most shapes, as even though there will be additional overhang in certain places on both square and round tables, this is usually not a problem, whereas other shapes are rarely good enough for rectangular tables. Most of the tablecovers measure a generous 4½ x 7 feet (135cm x 210cm) but we would ask when ordering that you check the size of the tablecover (all measurements are shown on the products themselves) before purchase, as some are provided in different sizes.