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Table Plans


A table plan is essential when you have a large number of people and you want them to find their seats relatively quickly. Our DIY table plans allow you to create your own at home. The value of a table plan is only identified when you don't have one! If you have set places for everyone at specific tables and there are 50 or more people arriving into the dining room at the same time, the process of everyone finding their correct seat could be the stuff of a Whitehall farce! There are bound to be those, as well, who get fed up with looking for their correct place and just decide to sit wherever they like. Then the carnage really begins! 
A simple table plan is just a list of names under each table number or name, so that everyone knows that they need first to find that table, and then, if you have done your planning correctly, they will find their place card somewhere on that table. Simple! Our print at home table plan allows you to print this vital document on your computer. A word of warning though - leave printing it until the very last moment. Table plans are notorious for the way that last minute changes can wreck them. If, the day before your big event, four people all drop out or are sick, and they are from the same table (and you can be sure that this is exactly what will happen) you could end up with one very sparsely populated table. If you've left it to the last minute any changes can be reflected on the final print, and you look as though you are super efficient!!

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