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Wedding Photo Albums


A wedding photo album is the keeper of all those happiest of memories from the true red letter day of your life. Whether it's for you, or for your parents or for a special friend, is there any lovelier gift that you can give than a wedding photo album full of the key photos from your special day. Our albums are beautifully designed and made, and they all have simple plain leaves on to which can be attached photos and other memorabilia, should you choose to add something. All the pages are interleaved with trace paper in order to keep the photos undamaged, and as they are plain you can place the photos into the album in any way that suits you.
We choose albums that are plain and not self adhesive with interleaving trace paper because the alternatives, whilst lovely at the time you put them together, will become less lovely over time. It is a shame, but almost all self adhesive albums (those where your lay a photograph on to a sticky surface to hold it in place) yellow over time, and after 20 years can look really ugly! If you are using photo corners or mounts to add your photos, then these do not wear as badly over time. They also have the great benefit of not damaging the photograph, particularly if you decide to move it, or take it out of the album for any reason. Photos laid in self adhesive albums are easy to move to begin with, because the adhesive is made to allow this, but over time the properties of the adhesive changes, and photos can become much more firmly stuck to the surface of the album. When you try to remove the photo it is all too easy to tear or crease the photo, damaging it beyond repair.
We avoid slip in albums as well, except for little pocket albums. This is bacause in the event that they are left anywhere damp for any period, they will often take the surface of the photograph off when they are removed. 

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