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Wedding Table Plans


Wedding table plans are essential for all but the smallest of weddings. Any number of tables in excess of three or four and you really need a table plan to make sure that your guests can find their way to their place quickly and easily.
You don't need to identify where on each specific table any one person is sitting. The idea of a table plan is to identify the tables, either with a number or sometimes with a name, and then provide a list of guest names under each table number or name. This identifies quickly to each guest the table that they are on, and the other guests who are joining them on that table. In order to find the table when they go into the dining room, you provide a name plate or number on each table. This needs to be visible, but does not need to be huge. The large numbers that you sometimes see in hotels are expensive and not widely available to the public, whereas there are lots of effective ways of marking the tables without large table number holders.
One of the lovely features of using names for your tables is that you can make them something personal to you, and then you can be creative and artistic in the way that you display that name to your guests. We have seen table names on balloons hovering above the tables, on rustic wooden plaques, and even on simple folded cards, but beautifully decorated.

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