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Entertaining At Home


A celebration at home can take many forms but done well will always be memorable. You can create a wonderful celebration with a grand Afternoon Tea, a formal dinner party or an al fresco dining experience outdoors, and our lovely tasteful ranges of decorations and tableware will fit the bill perfectly.
Afternoon Tea has been a tradition in the UK since the early 19th century, and is attributed to Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, although the drink was first imported into England as far back as the seventeenth century, so the fashion of the afternoon tea, or Scottish high tea took a little while to get going. However, it established itself very firmly across the UK and after a relative decline in recent decades has now made a very strong comeback. No wonder! It's a brilliant meal, and for those with limited appetites, it serves as a substitute for dinner, but becomes a very relaxing way to spend the late afternoon, not to mention that it contains some of the finest of morsels to enjoy and can be washed down by an almost infinite variety of tastes and flavours, such is the expansive variety that is tea.
Dinner has been a formal and most important meal for a very long time and it is also the finest way to tell people that they are amongst your closest friends. You invite people to dinner when you really like them, and want to both spend time in their company and provide something special for them to enjoy in your home. Decorating you table with a few choice items just enhances the experience, and shows how much you care as you have taken trouble to make the evening a special occasion just for them.