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Party Balloons


Party balloons in lots of colours - latex balloons, foil balloons, weights and curling ribbon.

Party Balloons add an extra dimension to any celebration - balloon table decorations create height and really add to the party atmosphere. Most people are amazed at the way that a large room that looks bare to start with is transformed when there are a series of balloon displays placed across all the tables
We stock high quality pearlised Qualatex balloons in a whole range of colours to match your party theme. We also stock printed latex balloons for parties and celebrations. In addition to latex balloons we also stock foil balloons in a range of plain colours and shapes, plus printed foils which, like the latex balloons, are suitable for a range of occasions.
Helium balloon table arrangements are usually made with three balloons. It's most popular to use two balloons of one colour and one that is different, or perhaps two plain balloons of the same colour and a single printed balloon that's decorated with the occasion that is being celebrated. One central foil balloon and two latex balloons can also look very good. All of our high quality latex balloons are 11" diameter when correctly inflated and are suitable for use with air or helium. You need to remember that whilst helium will make balloons float, the gas will find its way out of balloons much quicker than air, and so they go down more quickly. Our latex balloons, when fully inflated to the correct size, and properly tied, will float for up to 15 hours. We would recommend that if you are filling balloons with helium that you fill them no earlier than midday for an evening party.
The balloons that you'll find here are all our non occasion specific balloons - look under the tab at the top of the page for the occasion you are celebrating and the balloons you need for that occasion will be found there..
Please take a look at our very popular balloon decoration guide and our information page about buying helium.