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Wedding Anniversary


The major Anniversaries are our speciality, and we hope that you will love our gorgeous wedding anniversary party decorations, our delightful table decorations, our tasteful anniversary tableware and our lovely gift ideas. The ranges include gifts, guest books and photo albums, invitations, place cards, napkins, party plates, tablecloths and paper runners, coasters and party decorations. All are designed to match the mood of the wedding anniversary you want to celebrate.
We have been collecting together ideas and products for the big anniversaries for some years now.  Our search has revealed some wonderful suppliers who have created items that we specifically wanted to be able to offer to all our customers but which we simply could not find anywhere. Anyone who has tried to find a range for a Diamond Anniversary will know that the options are few and far between. We knew that our only answer was to have some of these important items produced for us. In addition we have some lovely lilac and white anniversary decorations which are popular for 60th Anniversary. Golden and Ruby items are easier to find but still a little thin if you are trying to look locally. The number of 40th and 50th anniversaries in any one area of the country is relatively low.
We have also been doing the same job for Pearl celebrations where the number of options available are sadly limited despite this being a popular event to celebrate. The colour theme for the 30th anniversary is always restricting as pearl is either white or off white and decorations in white are sometimes a little indistinct. Most people plumb for silver as although this is associated with your 25th, it also works very well when combined with white or a very pale ivory and it is not difficult to find silver decorations. The full list of Anniversaries and their associations, together with a few gift suggestions for each one can be found in our Anniversary Guide.
There are a host of options that are available for celebrating these wonderful events. We are always happy to advise on various alternatives, but in the end it comes down to a few key factors:
How mobile and agile are the couple themselves? This may not matter whilst the couple are still relatively young, but it  can be very important by the time a couple have been married for 50 or even 60 years.
How large a gathering are you planning? Is this a celebration that will be restricted to close family members or are the doors to be flung open to friends, wider family and even the local community?
Are people travelling from some distance? If so, it may be more convenient for everyone if the party is during the day as then those that do have to travel can do so at either end of the day.
These factors will help you to identify where to hold the event, when to hold it and what sort of occasion it will be - anything as diverse as an afternoon tea to a disco!
The surprising thing is the number of venues that will be happy to host an occasion like this for you. Anything from a restaurant or hotel, to a river cruiser, a haunted castle or even in some places a steam train. The only real limit is your imagination, but if you have a particular requirement, and you do not know where to find what you are looking for, let us know - we will happily do a bit of research for you. With the simple, yet beautiful table decorations we offer you can always take what you want to your chosen venue and know that they will be able to accommodate you.

Good luck! And best wishes for that big day!