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Fashion Guide for Bridal Party Members

APR 25 2013
Fashion Guide for Bridal Party Members

Another great blog article by a guest writer, this time Sarah Carlson. This is all about the outfit options for the bridal party.

Even the least fashion-conscious bride wants every picture, every memory, to be gorgeous; when planning a wedding, most thoughts go right towards the wedding gown, and then the bridesmaid’s gowns.  But after those details are settled, we can turn to the other bridal party members.  What do the ushers wear?  What about the father of the bride, or the mother of the groom?  How about grandparents?  What should your little flower girl wear?  Here is a quick fashion guide for bridal party members to help you create picture-perfect ensembles.

First, think about the formality of the wedding; a flower girl in a miniature of the bride’s gown is incredibly precious, but it doesn’t make much sense if you are having a jeans-and-t-shirt type of wedding.  In that case, a cute sundress would be more comfortable and affordable – and she could play without having to worry about marring an expensive dress!  Along a similar route, consider the budgets of those in your bridal party.  It is expensive to throw a wedding; it is also expensive to be involved in one as a member of the party, so be considerate of that.

Flower Girls

Options include a miniature replica of the bride’s dress, a replica of the bridesmaids’ dresses, or a white dress with a sash that corresponds with the bridesmaids’ gowns.  Again, though, if your wedding is informal, a sundress is perfectly adorable and appropriate.  Regardless of the specific style, these dresses are usually tea- or floor-length and have a higher neckline.  Some brides are even choosing to put the littlest of flower girls in a onesie with a tutu for an adorable approach.  Accessories for the little princess can include headbands or floral crowns – if the flower girl is likely to keep them on. If not, skipping the accessories is certainly fine, and no one will even notice.

The Ring Bearer

Today, ring bearers can be little boys, girls, or even the couple’s beloved dog.  As with the flower girl dress, look at the formality of the wedding. A little black tux is a great choice for formal weddings, and linen suits or dress slacks and a button-down shirt are great for more casual events.  The ring bearer need not match the groomsmen; in fact, it can be a cute idea to coordinate his outfit with the flower girl.  The only accessory he needs is his ring pillow (or book or fishing pole or whatever you choose to carry the rings).  Guests don't expect your ring bearer or flower girl to be extra formal, they are just kids, so just have fun with it!

Mums and Dads

Fathers of the bride and groom can always wear a tux, even if the groomsmen do not.  It is nice if the tuxes complement or coordinate with each other, but it is not a requirement by any means.  If the wedding is more casual, Dad can wear a suit and tie.  Mums traditionally stay away from whites, ivory, and creams, but have great freedom in what they wear. It is their choice; brides can offer suggestions or request certain colors. But within the given level of formality, Mom gets to choose.

Dads should wear a boutonniere like the groomsmen, and moms should have a corsage or even a small bouquet to shine some attention on them.  It’s their big day, too!

As for grandparents, they can wear what they want.  Likely, they will wear formalwear or their “Sunday best” so you don’t need to worry about Grandma and Grandpa.


In many weddings, the groomsmen serve as ushers as well.  If not, then ushers can dress in suits that complement the groomsmen. Perhaps they wear a different boutonniere or a different color tie, vest, or cumber bund.  If the wedding is less formal, ushers can wear a suit of their choosing; if you like, request that they match.  To distinguish them as ushers, they can wear matching boutonnieres. 

Women can act as ushers as well; if so, they can wear the simple, elegant black dress with a corsage to mark them as ushers, or they can wear a dress that complements those of the bridesmaids.  If you do not want them to spend a fortune on a special dress, you can simply have them wear a sash with a matching color.

So much to think about!  Make it easier by considering the style of your wedding and the budget and comfort of your bridal party.  If you do, you really can't go wrong.

Image credit: rittyrats on Flickr creative commons

Author Bio:

Sarah is a writer who enjoys event planning including weddings. She regularly contributes to the Wedding Favors Unlimited blog, put on by http://www.weddingfavorsunlimited.com

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