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Why Do We Like Celebrating With Fireworks So Much?

MAY 07 2013
Why Do We Like Celebrating With Fireworks So Much?

Another Guest Post - this one is all about fireworks for parties and celebrations.

Fireworks play a major role in annual celebrations, from Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve through to Chinese New Year and also weddings and birthdays. The appeal of fireworks arguably comes down to the long traditions associated with their use, as well as to the many options for customisation and excitement that surround their use. The ease by which you can create spectacular displays using professional companies, also fuels our ongoing fascination with fireworks in all their forms.


Fireworks have been used for thousands of years, with the Han Chinese dynasty believed to have been the first culture to use non gunpowder based fireworks as part of celebrations. The development of gunpowder in China then contributed to more elaborate uses of fireworks, with applications ranging from decoration through to warfare. Innovations in terms of gunpowder and the startling effect of firecrackers further enhanced the appeal of fireworks in the West by the Middle Ages.

During the Italian Renaissance, experimentation with fireworks of different colours and powders began to highlight how using fireworks as part of major displays could add to their spectacle. By the 17th century, the regular use of fireworks in public celebrations had been, in part at least, made traditional through Guy Fawkes’ Night in the UK, albeit through a range of different versions of the tradition. The ongoing use of fireworks for major national and smaller celebrations by the 20th century was aided by refinements in chemistry and safety for fireworks, making them an accepted part of celebrations from July the 4th in the United States to the Hindu festival of Divali, and the calling in of the New Year around the world.


When it comes down to it, though, fireworks retain their simple appeal as exciting explosions and colours, and are ideal for long winter nights. Bonfire Night’s positioning between October and November, with the nights get longer and colder, makes it an ideal way to transition into winter. Elaborate firework displays also represent a default way to mark a major occasion, whether for a wedding, or through specialised events like the recent Diamond Jubilee or the London Olympics. In this context, professional fireworks companies and experts at putting on shows are in demand throughout the year.

Putting On Your Own Shows

We would always recommend that you ask a professional firework display team to set up firework displays for you. They have the expertise to create a wonderful display and take any worries about planning and organisation away from you. They can advise you on about keeping children away from fireworks and any health and safety associated issues. Alternatively fireworks can be incorporated into birthday celebrations through small ice fountains or indoor sparklers, which can be used on top of party cakes.

Author Bio

Emily Steves a staff writer associated with some kids blogs, she loves to write articles on Kids and their activities. In her free time she spend fun time with her niece by cooking cakes and arranging birthday parties.  She recommends visiting Dynamic Fireworks when looking for Fireworks for any celebration or party.

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