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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

MAY 04 2013
How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

On average hiring a wedding venue will consume around 50% of your overall wedding budget. It is the largest expense for the majority of weddings, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. Establish your wedding budget and guest list before you start searching for a venue, so that you can gauge how big your venue needs to be.

Type of Wedding

Depending on the type of wedding you’re having - church service, civil ceremony, outdoor event, you may have two venues to consider. If you need multiple venues, consider the travel time from one place to the next. Consider how your guests will get from the ceremony to the reception. You may need to hire a coach or shuttle bus to transport guests. If you’re venue is in an urban or country location, make sure guests are given maps or have an easy to navigate route so they don’t get lost.

Location Location Location

If the venue is in a remote location, consider how easy it would be for guests to get home or if they would need hotels. You may not have enough in your budget to pay for rooms but you could strike a deal with the venue coordinators for a multiple room booking. If the room rate is expensive have a rethink, as it may put guests off from coming if the rooms are expensive.

From old cinema’s theatres to museums there are a whole range of licensed wedding venues. If you want a scenic location such as a beach or park, you need to consider that there may be onlookers and people passing by. If you want your wedding outdoors as well as privacy, then you may be better using a garden in a stately home or a private lake. If you are getting married outdoors in England, you will also need to pop down to the registry office, as weddings that aren’t in a building require a registrar to legalise them.

If you want a venue with the wow factor but without a beach or mountainous location, look for venues with exceptional decor. Architectural features, artwork, period furniture, chandeliers, can all act as focal points and give the room grandeur and opulence.

Venue Size

Think about the size of the venue in accordance with the guests. If the venue looks too big, it may look like you have no guests. Similarly you may think the room is too big but consider the tables and chairs, buffet, bar and band/DJ and dance floor need to be added. When you’re viewing the venue, try and envision where each activity throughout the course of the day could happen. Does the room flow well and has a good shape? If the room is shaped in an S shape for example, it can compromise the overall atmosphere. Can everyone see the dance floor and the head table?

Bar and Entertainment

Ask the venue how long the bar will be open for and whether there is the option to create a tab so that guests can have a free bar. In addition see how much corkage is so that you can place bottles on the table as this may be cheaper. Confirm with the venue that they have a licence to play music.


If you’re finding that venues are extortionate for your chosen date, opt for a midweek wedding as many venues will take up to 50% off their fee. It may not be convenient for all guests but those who are closest to you will find a way to be there on the day. Winter weddings can also prove to be more cost efficient as summer weddings are in higher demand and the rates reflect this. 

Author Bio: This article was brought to you by Conference Care a venue finding agency.

Posted by: So Raise Your Glasses