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Wedding Invitations and Trends for 2013 Blog

APR 23 2013
Wedding Invitations and Trends for 2013 Blog

When planning your wedding, it is often very easy to get bogged down by such considerations as your church, dress and reception venue and forget about some of the other major factors that can make or break your big day. One such consideration is your wedding invitations and other forms of stationery – these are often the very first impression people get when it comes to your wedding. A fantastic wedding invitation not only informs your guest that you are getting married but can also set the tone for the whole affair. Modern techniques have meant that there are thousands of approaches possible, this article looks to highlight what you should be looking for in your wedding stationery this year.

The Photo Wedding Invitation

Historically, wedding invitations have been rather small items. They often take the form of a high quality piece of card with all the required information and placed into an appropriately sized envelope. 2013 could well see more and more photo wedding invitations being used, these show the happy couple and are far more aesthetically pleasing. Advancement in production techniques have meant that these types of wedding invitation are far more easily manufactured and are therefore available at a more reasonable price. These can be designed so they are not tacky and will give a great first impression of your wedding day.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Wording is something that changes regularly as trends shift. This is a very important aspect of your wedding invitation and again, this will add to the tone you are setting for your wedding. A badly worded invitation could lead to people envisaging the opposite of what you are aiming for with your big day and contrast, the right words will convey the exact image you desire. Below is a good example of some wording as used by couples this year;

These were words used by Becki and Ceri on their wedding invitations for a ceremony this Autumn

“Becki and Ceri are delighted to be able to invite you to join them for their wedding day celebrations. This will commence with a ceremony at St.Peter’s Church in Anglesey, followed by a reception to be help at Carden Park, Wirral. There will be an evening of drinks and dancing to be held at the venue.”

Although you will not need to sell your wedding to close friends and family, an enticing explanation of what will be going on will help to drum up excitement for your event.

Save The Date Cards

Another piece of stationery that complements your wedding invitation beautifully is the ever popular save the date card. These, unlike the wedding invitation may well be stuck on the fridge of family noticeboard and will therefore be viewed time and time again. For this reason it is important that the save the date card is easy on the eye and engaging – this will ensure that people are eagerly anticipating your wedding day and will have the crucial information engrained into their mind. Many people may opt for a fridge magnet, coaster or other form of merchandise but there is a lot to be said for the conventional save the date card. Similarly to the wedding invitation, these can be produced to a high standard for reasonable prices these days and also incorporate things such as high resolution images and photographs to make a real impact. Save the Date Cards obviously do not require all the information required on a wedding invitation so can be somewhat smaller and more compact.

Innovative Trends

As with most things these days, there are always cutting edge new techniques and approaches emerging when it comes to wedding invitations especially given the aforementioned advanced in technology - which are occurring all the time. As such, 2013 is bound to herald some more. Recent quirky approaches include things such as;

  • Storyboard wedding invitations. These look a bit like the front page of an old newspaper and describe the newlywed’s relationship.  These can be funny or serious depending on the couple in question and will certainly leave a lasting impression.
  • Back to nature wedding invitations. These are absolutely unique are currently very popular in the United States. They are basically etched into wood by an artist and will last forever. Many people may see this as over the top but would be perfect for any extroverts and are unlikely to get lost or mixed in with the junk mail
  • Handkerchief wedding invitations. What is the best way to ensure everyone knows about your wedding? Ensure that all this information is always in their pocket! The handkerchief wedding invitation does exactly what it says in the tine and will also last the test of time – it will even come in handy when the inevitable blubbing starts! These can incorporate all sorts of fonts and designs and aren’t actually as pricy as one may think.

So, there you have it. A comprehensive guide to wedding invitations, save the date cards and the latest weird and wacky approaches for you to consider. If you need more information, why not take a further look around this site or the plethora of wedding stationery sites available on the web.

Posted by: So Raise Your Glasses