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Christmas Cake Decorations

  Christmas Cake Decorations

We have a fantastic range of Christmas cake decorations which make decorating your Christmas cake so simple. Our range includes traditional, contemporary and fun cake decorations in a whole range of sizes, shapes and colours. We have santas, reindeer, sleighs, penguins, holly, robins, xmas trees, post-boxes, snowmen, sugar decorations plus complete cake decorating kits. In addition we supply cupcake decorations and cake stands.
The creation of a Christmas cake is one of the great traditions of this great festival and frequently as much the centre of attention as anything in the Christmas season. Once made, and decorated it becomes an object that everyone loves to look at, and of course, desire.
The process of making your cake starts in October - whoops! - should have started in October, but don't worry, there are lots of great recipes for cakes that can be made much later and still be a great success - see Delia Online.
The traditional way is to make the rich fruit cake nice and early, and then let it mature for weeks, feeding it every so often with a few drops of brandy, to help it get richer and more moist, and mellow with a wonderful brandied flavour. You keep it in an airtight tin or container and feed it once a week and this soaks deep into the cake to enrich it. The next stage is to cover it in a layer of marzipan around the 10th December, and then ice it around the 17th December. It can then be looked at and drooled over by all the family for a week before the big event, whilst you try to stop the children taking a sly sliver of icing from it where they don't think you'll notice it! Another option is to follow the BBC's recipe recommendation - See BBC Recipe

There are lots of ways to create the wintry scene on your cake, but the two classics are either the beautifully smooth serene look or the more popular windy look. The windy look, with icing (snow) in little drifts is a lot easier to achieve than the super smooth look, as the icing has to be the perfect consistency and you need a steady hand although of course you can always buy ready to roll icing. A good recipe royal icing is Royal Icing - again the BBC is a good source of information.

Finally, the Christmas cake decorations themselves. There are endless ways of ensuring that you get the perfect look for you. There are traditional Father Christmas figures, reindeers, polar bears, and 'Merry Christmas' signs, and you can make a scene that is very understated with just a single robin and one tree, or you can go for a herd of reindeer and a complete forest. It's a great idea to put something around the side of your cake as well - a frilly band is traditional or you could go for one of our lovely personalised Christmas cake ribbons - perfect for sending a special message of your choice to your family, such as 'Have a wonderful Christmas, Dan, Gemma and Michael, love from Mum x'

Have a look at our Christmas Cake Decoration Guide for some simple cake decoration ideas.