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Christmas Table Linen

  Christmas Table Linen

Gorgeous Christmas table linen including tablecloths, table runners, napkins, place mats and napkin rings. Beautifully designed for Christmas, we have a wonderful selection of high quality Christmas table runners, tablecloths with napkins to match, together with place mats and mantle runners. Everything you need for your Xmas table this festive season.

We select all of our beautiful Christmas table linen from our trusted supplier, Peggy Wilkins of Nottingham. Peggy has been creating beautifully designed tableware for everyday and Christmas for decades, and her team have a great handle on what makes for contemporary, yet beautifully attractive designs. The way in which these fabrics have been developed over the years has combined an understanding of the changing needs of people like yourselves and what you want and expect to adorn your Christmas tables, and yet at the same time Peggy has managed to maintain the traditions of this great industry.

The very best in Christmas table linen means that the look and feel of the product is that of traditional linen, always recognised as the best materials to use for tablecloths and table runners, but the versatility and ease of use that comes with the modern yarns, like polyester. The beauty of polyester is that it it is machine washable and it will iron well without huge effort, creating a really lovely crease free surface. What the team have managed to do is to develop polyester so that it looks and feels like traditional linen and yet has these wonderful attributes that make it easy to maintain.

Our Christmas table runners are mostly 6 feet 6 inches long but for those longer tables some designs are as much as 8 foot, 6 inches long. Of course, it isn't just tables that you can use your Christmas table runners to brighten. They can be used on sideboards and dressers as well, but these often require the longer runners and these extra long pieces have proved very popular. We do get asked for table runners that are longer still, and these are very hard to find indeed, so where a piece of furniture requires a really lengthy covering we usually suggest that two shorter runners overlapped will do the job just as well, particularly if a strategically placed ornament or vase is used to go some way to hide the overlap!

We provide a range of sizes and shapes for table cloths but don't forget that you want a good overhang around the table, even though there is really no need to worry about this overhang being even. This way you can get away with a rectangular table cloth for an oval or round table, and this is a good plan to consider as the oval and round tablecloths of the right size are notoriously difficult to locate, and then you can guarantee that they won't be in the design that you would really like

As the perfect completion of the look for your Christmas table, we have lovely linen napkins to match both our Christmas tablecloths and our table runners. Of course, the fashion at the moment is to provide a contrast, and it's amazing how effective it can be to have a beautiful red tablecloth and then accessorise with white and silver napkins.