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Cake Boxes


Cake boxes in lots of colours and styles, suitable for any special occasion.

Cake Boxes are an essential for a more formal celebration and are always a nice to have when there has been a celebration cake. Our range of cake boxes includes many designs such as hearts, champagne bottles, daisies and vintage prints and we have rectangular boxes and cupcake boxes.
Unless you were lucky enough for everyone to be able to attend, then the traditional way of remembering those unfortunate enough to miss out on your celebrations is to send them a small piece of the cake in a cake box. Sometimes people cannot manage a piece of the celebration cake and would like to take some home and giving it to them in a box helps to keep it looking its best. 
Our range of cake boxes are all provided to you flat packed. Don't worry, though, as our cake boxes are simplicity itself to make up, and can be done in seconds. They measure approximately 7 cm long, 4.5 cm wide and about 1.5 cm deep, so just enough to contain a lovely piece of cake. Once made up and the cake is slipped inside the cake box you can either address the box itself and pop it in the post, or slip the box into an envelope for added protection whilst in transit. The boxes will cope well with the contents, but we would recommend that you wrap the cake in a piece of greaseproof paper before putting them inside the box. This ensures that the box doesn't get marked which can make it look unattractive, and because some resipients can be happier if the cake is wrapped to go through the post.
Our cake boxes are beautifully decorated and are supplied in packs of 8 or 10 boxes, and in a few cases we can supply the cake boxes individually, so you can have exactly the number that you need, although we often find people returning for a few more when they realise that they've forgotten someone, so it doesn't hurt to have a few extra from the start