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White Fabric Tablecloths


We stock a range of white tablecloths by Peggy Wilkins which have been designed for everyday use.

Our range includes everyday table cloths in plain white and vintage lace designs and we have a wide range of Christmas designs which are all shown in our Christmas table linen section. Many designs have matching napkins and place mats which can be found by clicking on the related products. We also stock a range of table runners.

We have restricted our range to rectangular tablecloths as these are by far the most popular, and because they are then able to cover all shapes of table, albeit with a varying overhang. Ideally, if you are looking for a tablecloth for a particular table, you need to allow about a foot (30cm) each side and at each end for the cloth to hang over. This means that for a table that measures 6 feet (72 inches or 180cm) by 3 feet (36 inches or 90cm) you ideally want a tablecloth which is 8 feet (96 inches or 240cm) by 5 feet (60 inches or 150cm). It is likely that you find it difficult to identify the tablecloth that you want in the ideal size for your table. There ar just too many table sizes out there, and only a limited number of tablecloth sizes. The trick is to get one that will fully cover the table with at least some overhang, or consider using a smaller one on a diagonal, that will overhang in the centre of the table but leave the four corners slightly exposed. This can work very effectively, and be a great look as well, particularly if the wood of the table is attractive. Of course, if you have more than one table that you want to cover at different times, you can then by a single tablecloth and use it in different ways for either table.

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