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The Wedding Anniversary Guide and Their Traditional Names



Listed below are the major wedding anniversaries. The one's highlighted are those for which we stock a good range of gifts and celebration products. For the other wedding anniversaries we've suggested ideas that might make a lovely gift and be very much in keeping with the anniversary theme for that year.

The major wedding anniversaries are :

The 1st Wedding Anniversary is 'Paper', and you might want to think about giving your husband or wife books if they like to read, maps if they like to travel to particular places or love walking, or maybe tickets to a show or a concert. Tickets are almost always made of paper or card!

The 2nd Wedding Anniversary is 'Cotton' and clearly something to wear is appropriate  - just make sure you get the right size!

The 3rd Wedding Anniversary is 'Leather' - a handbag, purse or wallet might be good for this year, or a leather jacket perhaps

The 4th Wedding Anniversary is celebrated with 'Flowers' and this makes life easy, but you can always make it a little different by going to a famous National Trust garden, perhaps, or finding a rose named after your spouse

The 5th Wedding Anniversary is 'Wooden' and this leaves open lots of possibilities - furniture, ornaments, wooden sculpture or a lovely game like Chess or a wooden jigsaw maybe

The 6th Wedding Anniversary is 'Iron' and a sign of strength. This could be a time to look at charms or unusual gifts, or garden furniture in wrought iron perhaps

The 7th Wedding Anniversary is 'Woollen', and so we're back to something to wear, like a cardigan or a jumper, or maybe it's time to start a new hobby like knitting!

The 8th Wedding Anniversary is 'Bronze' and as this is the medium favoured by many sculptors, perhaps now is the time to add to your art collection

The 9th Wedding Anniversary is 'Copper' and this can cover classic kitchenware but could also be a time to start planting trees, if you like the lovely autumnal colours of a copper beech

The 10th Wedding Anniversary is 'Tin' and you could consider some storage tins for those things that never have a home, or look to the specialist sellers of products from a famous tin area like Cornwall

The 11th Wedding Anniversary is 'Steel' and there are many possibilities here. Maybe your cutlery could do with a serious update or you could buy a new coffee maker, or any other kitchen or bedroom appliance as so many are made of steel

The 12th Wedding Anniversary is 'Silk' and this may return you to an item of clothing

The 13th Wedding Anniversary is 'Lace' and the home of this beautiful material is Nottingham. Tableware is the favourite for the use of lace but it makes for wonderful clothing and accessories as well.

The 14th Wedding Anniversary is 'Ivory' and of course this tradition was born in a time when the dangers to wildlife and cruelty of the process were not understood. We recommend that you either choose an item made to look like ivory or break with tradition this year.

The 15th Wedding Anniversary is 'Crystal' and this opens up the possibility of buying cut glass wine glasses and decanters as well as the more obvious choices among jewellery.

The 20th Wedding Anniversary is 'China' and it should be remembered that some of the finest china has been made right her in the U.K., so finding something suitable should be easy. Alternatively, you could go mad and plan a trip to the Far East!

Now for the big celebrations:

The 25th Wedding Anniversary is 'Silver' and recognised as the first really major milestone. The use of this semi-precious metal is very widespread in artistry, tableware, ornamental crafts and picture frames so your choices are as wide as your imagination. We can help with many of your needs for this event as well.

The 30th Wedding Anniversary is 'Pearl' and alongside the choice of necklaces and pendants are many other items made from pearl. Perhaps scuba diving to find your own appeals.

The 35th Wedding Anniversary is 'Coral' and what could be better than that trip of a lifetime to see the home of Coral at Australia's Great Barrier Reef. 

The 40th Wedding Anniversary is 'Ruby' and the options in addition to the jewellery favourites include a lovely vintage Port or a fabulous collect of roses in just the right colour.

The 45th Wedding Anniversary is 'Sapphire' and something a little unusual might be appropriate, like, perhaps, something from the beautiful range of Bristol Blue Glass.

The 50th Wedding Anniversary is 'Golden' and perhaps the most talked about of the marriage milestones. The use of this precious metal gives no end of possibilities for gifts from jewellery to gold coins, but of course you are not limited to metallic presents.

The 55th Wedding Anniversary  is 'Emerald' and maybe this is time for a long overdue trip to Ireland or a voyage over the emerald sea on a cruise.

The 60th Wedding Anniversary is 'Diamond' and this gives you the chance to arrange for a message of congratulations from H.M. The Queen. All the details of how to arrange this can be found on our Diamond pages

The 70th Wedding Anniversary is 'Platinum' and a rare event indeed. Appropriate therefore, that it is one of the rarest of metals that signifies this extraodinary event.

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