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25th Silver Anniversary Invitations


Lovely 25th silver wedding anniversary invitations in contemporary and traditional styles with metallic silver embossed wording. 
Our Silver Anniversary inviations are available in two forms - those that are single sided and have all the information that you require to give to your potential guests on the face of the card, and those that fold so that the face is just the announcement and the detail is completed inside the fold. All are supplied with envelopes ready for posting. The wording for these invitations is provided on the detailed description of each product but all of them include the names of the hosts, where and when the party is, including the date and time and all of them have RSVP printed on them so that you are automatically asking for your potential guests to reply to let you know whether they are going to be able to attend.
Formal invitations for any event are always a thrill to receive. A casual invitation, by word of mouth, or an email, just isn't the same and doesn't create the same level of excitement or anticipation in the invitee. The casual invitation is most likely to provoke a casual response, together with a feeling of being added on as an afterthought, whereas a formal invitation arriving through the post gives the impression of thinking ahead and planning, and the recipient of such an invitation feels included and special, and will often, as a result, make a special effort for the day. It's also such a pleasure to plan an event properly, and it can be a great help to know for certain just who and how many are going to be there!