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30th Pearl Anniversary Party Balloons


Pearl white 30th Wedding Anniversary party balloons provide a precious feel for your venue! With both latex and the longer lasting foil balloons to choose from your 30th Wedding Anniversary will be a memorable occasion.
Fill your foil 30th wedding anniversary balloons with helium for best results, and our guides will inform you where to find helium and how to use it. Latex balloons can be filled with either helium or air.
Because the traditional colour for a Pearl anniversary party is white, this can present a problem with the decorations looking a little bland, In any case, it is usually best to use two colours of balloons when you are creating any table or floor display as the contrasting colour makes the decoration so much more eye-catching. Although there are no hard and fast rules about what colours compliment white, because almost anything will go with it, we recommend silver. It's not too strong a colour which would then detract from the colour of the celebration, and yet it creates an interest that couldn't be achieved with white alone. If you are making the popular table displays of three balloons use one silver and two white at the top and bottom and you'll be delighted by the result.