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40th Ruby Anniversary Cake Toppers


Finish off your Ruby Wedding Anniversary cake with our wonderful cake toppers. We have one piece toppers, ruby rose sugar sprays, little sugar roses and hearts plus cake numbers. All combine to make for a gorgeous 40th Anniversary cake.
We don't have the expertise to help you to make the cake in the first place, and even icing it can be a trial for some, but then there are always ready iced cakes that you can buy if that part of the process is as daunting to you as it is to us. We like to concentrate on the fun bit though - adding the decorations that turn the brilliant base that you've created (or maybe bought!) into 40th wedding anniversary cake that helps you to celebrate a truly wonderful occasion. As there are a range of different ornaments and toppers that can go on your cake, the difficult bit is actually choosing, but they are all lovely so you can't really go far wrong. Then the big decision is where to place your topper - right in the middle, off to one side? Life can be hard making difficult decisions!!! Once you've recovered from the hard work of choosing and placing, you could always wrap a personalised cake ribbon around the outside of the cake and really finish the job properly. Bets of luck for your 40th!!