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40th Ruby Anniversary Guest Books


We have a range of 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary guest books in a variety of styles and designs and they are ideal for asking your guests to sign on the day, to send in their special memories and then to add memorabilia such as the invitation, menu and pictures from the party. A Ruby Wedding Anniversary guest book remains a lasting memento of this special occasion. 
We've always promoted guest books as a really lovely gift. In themselves they are simple and straightforward, although we like to ensure that they look gorgeous and that they are made in a way that ensures that they will last for years. But essentially, it is the way that they are used that turns them into something truly special, and a wonderful slice of memory for the couple receiving them for years and years to come. Simply put, preparation is the key. There are a huge number of ways in which a guest book can be used and one lovely variation is to ask all the guests to write a short piece which describes an event or an occasion when the couple that are celebrating did something that will always mean a lot to that person. It could be a funny moment, a little bit of help given, an ear to listen at an important moment, or a special gift that they gave. Collect all the short stories together from all the guests, or from the family, and put them together carefully in the guest book, maybe with the odd photograph to make it really special. They will pore over it for hours, not just on the day, but for months and years afterwards.

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