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50th Golden Anniversary Favours


We have a wide selection of 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary favour boxes and bags. Just think of the smile that will creep across your family's faces when they see your little 50th wedding anniversary surprises. Although party favours have been associated with weddings for years now, the practise of adding favours for other special events is gaining a lot of popularity. Anniversary favours are much sought after now, and as it is unlikely that such little gifts were provided at your wedding all those years ago, what a lovely idea to make up for it now that time has moved on.
We have some boxes that have been made specifically with a golden anniversary in mind, and quite a lot more that are highly suitable simply because they are in gold, or have gold trims. You can also widen the choice dramatically by selecting something in white or ivory and decorating it with gold ribbons, diamantes or self adhesive hearts or bows. The lengths that you decide to go to in order to make the most of your special day are up to you, and you can go anywhere from the simple and subtle to the rich and ornate.
To go inside the favours, the most popular choice is still little chocolates - somehow these are almost universally appreciated, and we have some lovely dragees and hearts (sugar coated chocolates) in gold that you can choose, or other colours if you prefer.