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50th Golden Anniversary Guest Books and Albums


Guest books and photo albums are at the heart of the memories created by 50th Golden wedding anniversaries. 
Our lovely golden anniversary albums and guest books are all made with a high quality finish and binding to ensure that you have the benefit of these products for years to come, and that they provide as much joy years from now as they did when they were first filled with photographs and comments from your family and friends.
We have had most of them made with care to ensure that the memories are kept in the best possible condition. So, most have interleaf trace pages between the main pages to ensure that the surface of one photograph is not touching the surface of another - a sure way to get the two to stick together and ruin both photographs. This trace also protects the danger of ink running on one page and causing a smudge or a mark on the opposite page in a guest book. The page on which you write or affix the photograph is high quality to ensure that it makes a perfect writing surface and it is acid free to ensure that nothing in the album is present that can have any adverse affect on photographs that are attached to it. We have retained flexibility by having no fixed pockets or adhesive. You simply use corners or mounts to fix your photos to the page where you want them, and they can then be moved at a later date if you wish, without fear of damaging the photograph.