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50th Golden Anniversary Place Cards


Your Golden Wedding Anniversary place cards are something you are going to want to prepare well before your special event. With a selection that ranges from the simple to the exotic, there is bound to be something in the range that we have to offer that you will like.
Our most popular place card for a 50th wedding anniversary is the traditional tent style with a cut out that shows above the top and carries a gold 50th motif with a surround of gold stars. Others in the same style are available, some with a gold border and some with a simple heart on them, whilst the more unusual ones are those that are designed to sit on a glass at the place setting, and are shaped as a gold butterfly. A really attractive way to set your table and at the same time make a feature of the place that you want everyone to sit.
There are a few tips worth noting when getting your place cards ready. Use a very good pen, one that doesn't run or create a sticky mess on the nib, if you plan to write the names on the cards, and make sure that you have a few spare cards because very few people get away with writing all of them without making a mistake. If not a slip of the hand whilst writing, the discovery just before the event that you have spelt someone's name wrong can be very embarrassing, but is easily remedied if you have a spare card or two. It can also be useful to try two or three cards at the beginning to make sure that you can write names at the size and in the style that you want to, so that you achieve a consistent look to your place cards,